OpenSRS - WDDX Gateway Project

Initial project focus to build a wddx->perl OpenSRS client gateway, with associated ColdFusion custom tags to make using the OpenSRS domain registration system simple from within ColdFusion and other WDDX supported languages. The current thrust is to create XCP protocol layer functionality.

The project initially consists of two parts:

  • (Client) [LGPL] Client libary implementation
    • ColdFusion custom tags to access the Perl CGI scripts over HTTP(s) using WDDX
  • (Server) [GPL] Perl CGI
    • Custom CGI script to take WDDX packets, convert to OpenSRS XCP protocal and back
      Each of these modules have their own Perl dependencies, read the included documentation for details.
    • OpenSRS Client
    • WDDX Libray
The Perl server component depends on WDDX. You should be able to access the server scripts from any language that implements WDDX. Client libraires for other systems that support WDDX should be straightforward to implement. If you do implement such a libray, please consider dropping us a note and adding it to this project.

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